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LTC Terry Lakin may be last line of defense to Constitution
Sonoran News

Birthers Cling to Case With an OC Connection Claiming Obama is Ineligible to be President
OC Weekly

Get Full Information on Attending the Court Martial.

Greg Lakin on Revolution Radio with Dr. Kate: Nov 24, 2010

TERRY LAKIN ACTION WEEK: Nov 15-19: Tell Congress the Truth about Terry Lakin

LATEST: Nov 23, 2010: "It's Time to Know the Truth" by Patra. A song dedicated to Terry's case.
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Nov 17, 2010: Dr. Greg Lakin, Terry Lakin's Brother, discusses the case on KHOW Denver with Peter Boyles
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Nov 9, 2010: Dr. Greg Lakin, Terry Lakin's Brother, discusses the case on KHOW Denver with Peter Boyles
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LATEST: Press Release: CNN Offers Retraction for Racist Statement Concering Terry Lakin

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On the Barry Farber Show Sept 3, 2010 [Download MP3 icon_mp3 ]

On the G Gordon Liddy Show Aug 13, 2010 [Download MP3 icon_mp3]

On the G Gordon Liddy Show April 201, 2010 [Download MP3 icon_mp3]

On TrueNews: April 6, 2010 [Download MP3 icon_mp3]

Gordon Smith on the Barry Farber Show: April 16, 2010 [Download MP3 icon_mp3]

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Key Document on The Issue

Western Journalism: Update on "Clearing the Smoke on Obama's Eligibility" The most complete overview of the issue.
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Key Documents

  • NEW: Charge Sheet: LTC Lakin receives his formal charges.
    Get PDF Document icon_pdf
  • Investigative Report from Western Journalism: The most complete, clear overview of the issue.
    Get PDF Document icon_pdf
  • LTC Lakin’s military orders require him to “bring copies of a birth certificate”
    Get PDF Document. icon_pdf
  • LTC Lakin’s birth certificate, which includes common, standard information; his hospital and name of attending physician.
    Get PDF Document icon_pdf
  • The timeline details LTC Lakin’s efforts for more than a year to seek answers about the eligibility dispute through his Chain of Command and Congressional delegation.
    Get PDF Document icon_pdf
  • Congressional Representative Wamp attempted to seek an answer from DoD on behalf of his constituent, LTC Lakin.
    Get PDF Document. icon_pdf
  • LTC Lakin’s initial inquiry through his chain of command to seek an answer about the President’s Constitutional eligibility.
    Get PDF Document.
  • Letter from JAG to Terry.
    Get PDF Document. icon_pdf
  • Detailed explanation of the manner in which birth records may be obtained in the State of Hawaii.
    Get PDF Document
  • Press Relase: April 8, 2010: Plea to President to Release Documents
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  • Terry Lakin's Letter to Obama: April 8, 2010
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  • Press Release: April 13, 2010: "You have the right to remain silent"
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