Open Letter to Bill O'Reilly

April 19, 2010: Open Letter to Bill O’Reilly

ampatfoxnews20100415April 19, 2010

Mr. O’Reilly:

Please refrain from using your “No Spin Zone” jingle. Please stop saying you support the troops. Your recent "opinion" story about LTC Lakin with Megyn Kelley proves both of these claims to be wrong.

Until convicted, LTC Lakin remains a soldier willing to and desiring to take care of troops and join them in any deployment. He chose to do so ONLY if his chain of command could provide all troops with the evidence that they are serving under Constitutionally eligible leadership.

Your statement that his disobeying orders was a way for him to get out of deployment is false. He met all pre-deployment requirements, still has his bags packed and would be on the next flight to Afghanistan for his second tour if there is valid or forthcoming evidence that Mr. Obama has met "Natural Born Citizen" status per the requirements of Article II, Section I of the U.S. Constitution. You tossed this decorated soldier under the bus without any research of the facts-- this doesn't reconcile with your claim to support the troops.

Megyn’s comment that his refusal to obey orders is a “political statement” is also without merit, but contains much spin. How is upholding the law-- the Constitution-- per his sworn oath as an officer, deemed a “political” act? We expect and demand a retraction for this reckless and unsubstantiated smear.

Megyn also stated there are military channels to deal with the issue. If you and Megyn had bothered to look at the information available about his efforts at our website,, the timeline provided demonstrates that for over a year, LTC Lakin brought this issue to his supervisors, leaders, and Congressional representatives.

When his leaders cannot discuss the issue and give any guidance, when military lawyers shrug their shoulders or do not return calls, when Congressmen do not respond or cannot answer a direct question about whether this sitting President is legally the Commander-in-Chief…what is a loyal soldier to do?

LTC Lakin attempted to use the military justice system to file two complaints. In those complaints, he pleaded with superiors to advise him if he was not using the right method or to provide advice on a way forward. The response was that his complaint was “deficient” and the Commander in Chief and the commanding General of the Army are not in his chain of command. After eighteen years serving in uniform, with many deployments overseas, he deserved honesty, not evasions. All American servicemembers deserve better than this.

Mr. O’Reilly, do you understand how meager the evidence is regarding the online copy of a Certification of Live Birth (COLB) and newspaper entries which were generated by the underlying, hidden document which Mr. Obama refuses to release?

Just a little bit of time for any serious investigative journalist would have revealed obvious problems with the COLB versus an original birth certificate; most notably lacking is a hospital name and attending doctor's signature.

Can you provide a reasonable explanation for the team of lawyers defending Mr. Obama's vital records in courtrooms across the country-- and the shroud of secrecy over all documents which might shed light on his actual birthplace?

Can you explain why no hospital in Hawaii has yet laid claim to being the birthplace of this President?-- yet many Kenyans publicly, and including on the floor of the Kenyan Parliament, claim he was born there? It is clear that the State of Hawaii has lax verification policies to obtain a birth record and that it altered a website in June 2009 to make the COLB appear co-equal to an original birth certificate-- when it never was before.

The truth and the Constitution matter to most fellow American citizens- abiding by the law has kept our nation peaceful, stable and successful.

We expect you and other political commentators to observe the highest standards of journalistic ethics and to search for the truth too.

The U.S. Presidency is the most powerful political post in the world; we need to know if the candidate who reached this high pinnacle did so in compliance with Article II, Section I. That means forcing him to take a few minutes to notify the State of Hawaii to release his original birth certificate.

When assured of Obama’s eligibility to be the CINC, LTC Lakin will be on the next plane to join his unit in Afghanistan. Until then, he awaits court-martial.

The American Patriot Foundation

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