Two Softball Questions for Anderson Cooper

Two Softball Questions for CNN's Anderson Cooper

By Safeguard Staff

Anderson Cooper, in a recent interview with Texas State Representative Berman, said Obama was born at Hawaii's Kapi'olani Hospital- can he explain why the hospital won't verify Obama's birth there?- and why a letter purportedly from Obama posted on Kapi'olani's website- was quickly removed after a reporter's inquiry?

If Obama was born at Kapi'olani Hospital, can Cooper explain why no ORIGINAL birth record- to include a hospital name and attending physician-- has been released?

Why is Cooper content to rely on verbal assurances from an obscure bureaucrat in Hawaii- who claims to have "personally seen and verified" that there is an original birth certificate on record? (is he thus admitting that the Certification of Live Birth which he repeatedly confuses with an original birth certificate- is NOT the original birth record)?

Does Cooper believe it is acceptable that the sole arbiter of the President's Constitutional eligibility under Article II, Section 1, is one Hawaiian bureaucrat- who says "trust me"?

If there is an original birth record on file-- why can't the American public see this document?-- why can't TX Rep Berman have a copy of this 1961 original birth record?

One of CNN's star reporters- Lou Dobbs- left CNN in the wake of a program in which he delved into the eligibility controversy-- but a campaign began to oust him because he got too close to the truth:

If Obama was born in a hospital in Hawaii as claimed-- then Cooper should be able to answer these two questions: WHAT BIRTH HOSPITAL? WHAT BIRTH DOCTOR?



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