Summary of Dec 15 Hearing

Countdown to Court Martial: Summary of Dec 15 Hearing

apfphotos4LTC Lakin was convicted today of missing movement -- failing to deploy to Fort Campbell, KY and onward to Afghanistan. It has been evident through the ordeal of his court-martial that LTC Lakin has served a very important purpose- he has significantly heightened public awareness of the Constitutional eligibility and his court-martial has prompted a surge renewed interest in the topic nationally.

We salute LTC Lakin for the enormous sacrifice- upon him and his family- for this heroic undertaking.

With the threat and humiliation of Fort Leavenworth looming- a sentence that appears so unjust to so many for upholding his oath as an officer -- abiding by his "duty to disobey" -- it is understandable that LTC Lakin has been under extraordinary pressure to recant and to "knuckle down."

He repeated today in court that he had a question that needed answering- and it is still an open question.

We await the Army's sentence on LTC Lakin on Thursday.

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