Our Duty, Not Our Option

It is our Duty to Ensure Our President is Constitutionally Eligible

Safeguard gets 100's of letters each week. All are filled with passion and concern for Terry and the issue he has so bravely pursued. Some letters need a broader audience.

Please consider this letter from a retired US Marine.

John References the song, "My Name is Lisa Kalvelage" in his letter. It is poignant reminder that we must confront wrongs when we see them, when they can be addressed.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dear Ducky,

I wanted to touch base with you over the interim outcome of the trial, and with regards to Colonel Lakin, who I would have you extend my condolences to, and my intent to keep this issue alive, and his wrongful destruction as an officer, over-turned.

I have a song on my i-pod, one I've known since I was a child, it is sung by Pete Seeger and it is called "My Name Is Liza Kalvelage." You may well know it, but it relates the issue of a "regular German citizen, questioning the trying of her Nation for not rising up against Hitler, and she suggests in it, her then current protest of the Vietnam war was a proper response to what she questioned as to the propriety of that war, and the necessity, shown by the Nuremburg Trials, of citizens to be active in questioning authority, and demanding answers as our right.

She got to this by marrying an American Soldier after the war, and being turned down for emigration because she showed in her answers to probing questions, that she did not share a feeling of responsibility for the war, for not having risen up in protest of a tyrant, when his tyranny was becoming obvious, but before it was total, and questions were still possible.

We don't merely have the right to question the provenance of our leaders, but as Sovereign Citizens, it is a moral obligation to do so, and while individuals have found to the contrary, and courts have laid charges, and found verdicts, the Law regarding this responsibility is not only in our own Sovereignty as Citizens, it remains a fixed standard in international law.

The Colonel got taken down because his command structure is highly compromised, having been selected on the basis of ideology, by the man and his staff who is in question as to loyalties, and such General Staff as is selected by the President, always reflects his focus on the state of the forces which defend us, or his focus on his ability to control and command his forces according to his will, and not "standing orders".

This is a major difference which always shows up, one way or the other, because the President always has an agenda, whether it is focused on America, and what is good for our Nation and People, or if he is focused on his desires with regard to interacting with the world, and becoming a world figure, and will subjugate the needs of the Nation, to his needs for international repute.

No General or Admiral, whose real focus is on the defense of our Nation, and the state of our preparedness for a strong offense, would accept a Commander in Chief who is hiding his life, his background, and his provenance to serve as President, and any responsible officer serving directly with the President would require full certainty of the truth, or would decline the service, despite its lucrative value for the future.

Only such General Grade officers who are focused on their personal achievement can openly serve while the man they report to hides his qualification for the office, his birth, his school records, his records as a member of state legislature and as a Senator in Congress, and only because their future professional achievement is more important than their proper responsibility as both Sovereign American Citizens, and as Commanders of War qualified Forces, demanding they know the right of the commands which are given to subordinates, in the issue of war.

The entire General Staff is thus negligent in their duties, and demonstrate this by their failure to find the truth before issuing orders putting Soldiers and Marine's lives at stake. No order is a "lawful order" unless it comes from a lawful source of authority, which ultimately demands provenance of each and every member in the chain of command, with each higher ranking member being more critical to the chain, than the previous lower ranking member.

It remains international law, under the Law of War, for the leader of our Nation to prove he is constitutionally eligible to serve as the head of our Armed Forces.

It is our Duty, to ensure our President is Constitutional, not merely a choice we have that we can make.

God Bless you and yours over these Holy Days, and may God Bless you all as we celebrate Christmas, and the liberty Jesus gave us, as well as the responsibility that goes hand in hand with it.


John, former US Marine

Lisa Kalvelage is a German immigrant from Nuremberg who moved to the United States when she was 22, just after the Second World War. Upon her arrival, she was repeatedly asked what her parents, friends, and teachers had done to stop the atrocities of the Nazi regime. The questioning had an effect on her: when she began to see atrocities being committed again, this time during the Vietnam War, she took action. She and her friends engaged in civil disobedience to try to stop a shipment of napalm and to raise consciousness about the issue.

My name is Lisa Kalvelage
by Pete Seeger 

My name is Lisa Kalvelage, I was born in Nuremberg
And when the trials were held there nineteen years ago
It seemed to me ridiculous to hold a nation all to blame
For the horrors that the world did undergo
A short while later when I applied to be a G. I. bride
An American consular official questioned me
He refused my exit permit, said my answers did not show
I'd learned my lesson about responsibility.

Thus suddenly I was forced to start thinking on this theme
And when later I was permitted to emigrate
I must have been asked a hundred times where I was and what I did
In those years when Hitler ruled our state
I said I was a child or at most a teen-ager
But that only extended the questioning
They'd ask, where were my parents, my father, my mother
And to this I could answer not a thing.

The seed planted there at Nuremberg in 1947
Started to sprout and to grow
Gradually I understood what that verdict meant to me
When there are crimes that I can see and I can know
And now I also know what it is to be charged with mass guilt
Once in a lifetime is enough for me
No, I could not take it for a second time
And that is why I am here today.

The events of May 25th, the day of our protest,
Put a small balance weight on the other side
Hopefully, someday my contribution to peace
Will help just a bit to turn the tide
And perhaps I can tell my children six
And later on their own children
That at least in the future they need not be silent
When they are asked, "Where was your mother, when?"

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