Support from Friends

Support From Friends

Across the nation and the world many have expressed support and concern for Terry's decision. Selected comments are included below. Do you have message of encouragment for Terry? Please click here to submit your comments. We will not publish your name, email, or phone number.

11/21/2010: Your courage & bravery gives me hope that our country will survive this illegal usurper in our White House.

Your courage & bravery gives me hope that our country will survive this illegal usurper in our White House.

I have tried to get through to you to thank you from not only me but thousands of American Patriots who voices are being silenced by the current regime of thugs.

My son is a Blackhawk Helicopter Pilot serving his 3rd tour in Afghanistan, my husband is retired Navy, my father served in WWII, & I have many friends still serving. Thank you for your bravery and courage. You will go down in history as one of the true heros for America. I am keeping your word out here as much as possible.

Thank you again.


8/20/2010: I have the utmost respect for Colonel Lakin, for his courage of his convictions

I, like Colonel Lakin, felt it was appropriate to give the opportunity to "man up" and show his provenance, but at some point, leaders, and the Colonel's fitness reports show he was every bit of a top notch leader, must speak up, and they must put their money where their mouth is, and I have the utmost respect for Colonel Lakin, for his courage of his convictions.

I wish I could stand in for him, as a retiree, and allow him to continue with the work he was doing, and not face what is before him, but it is an absolute truth that each of us does have our own cross to bear, and I am happy to be associated with anyone who has the honor to stand up and quietly call for the truth, while all around him are shouting and ranting that the truth is been "proved".

I was born the son of a Navy officer. I entered the Corps after living within a stone's throw of the illegal immigrant's "neighborhood organizing", living on the edge of Chicago, and doing "neighborhood organizing" as a youth from our church. My parents were both solid atheists, but did not know any other means of instilling truth as a foundation block and the moral and ethical standards of our society, absent church, and only left the church they had chosen for us, when it voted to support the entire Black Panther plan, including the militant side.

I love the Constitution, and the Declaration of Independence, and knowing they remain the legal foundation of this Nation, despite the blatant ignoring of the principles espoused in them, I must support them, even if it is against the government which has usurped our authority, even if it has done so with impunity for so long, the members of government literally feel it is their own to do with as they please.

That is not the America I served, it is not the America I inherited as "posterity" of people who bled and died that I, a perfect stranger, could inherit, and while I live, I will not allow this usurping of our principles and the replacement of unprincipled secular humanism, with no rational foundation, but will fight to ensure what is passed on to our own posterity, the children of the parents we don't know yet, at least the equal to what I enjoyed as "American", when I returned to the States, raised up in Spain and then Italy, to a place I came to love with all my heart because it was established on fixed and unchanging principles.

I do not have words to describe my feelings about Colonel Lakin's courage and tenacity, and he will be a hero to me, personally, as long as I live, for being someone who stood on principle, alone when he is confronted by the Army, but standing on the truth unwaveringly. It is the courage General Washington would have admired, and that kind which has made this Nation "A beacon on the hill" for all who live elsewhere in this world.

Colonel Lakin is in my prayers and thoughts each and every day, and I am sure he is equally well supported by every American who truly appreciates what being a Sovereign Citizen is, and the enormous value that is, in a world where people are the subjects of the nation they were born in, as if the land itself can own souls.

Signed "a Marine Corps veteran"

8/18/2010: God Bless You Col Lakin

You have more courage in your little finger than can be found under the entire Capitol Dome. I am a Viet Nam Veteran 70-71 and I would have been proud to serve with you. Your integrity and courage is beyond question. I salute you Sir!


4/15 Subject: upholding Constitution


If you are the LTC Terry Lakin attempting to make up for the Chiefs of Staff asleep at the switch who forgot their Oath to "Support and Defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic" then know you are in my Prayers, and what else can I do to help?



4/16 Subject: Thank you sir

Good morning sir,

I just wanted to say I am truly inspired by you and fully support your efforts to find the truth. I am a medic currently deployed to Iraq. I am just reminded that one of the very few things we swore to do was uphold and defend the Constitution, while one of the very few requirements outlined in that document to be President is that you must be a natural born citizen. Though we are trained not to question every order we see, I do believe there is enough uncertainty surrounding this critical and simple-to¬resolve issue that it warrants investigation. Thank you for doing what you swore to do, even if it means public ridicule and possibly ending a highly-decorated career so close to retirement.

Very Respectfully

4/14 Subject: hello and good luck Sir!

I just wanted to let you know that I have the highest respect for you. There are many in the military and in the mainstream media who will demonize you, resort to name-calling etc just to discredit what you are attempting to do. Members of the U.S. military raise their hands and make an oath to defend the United States Constitution against all enemies both foreign and domestic, yet many do not even know what is said in the Constitution nor what it means. Article 1, section 2 specifically states that, "No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President."

The mainstream media and other powers that be have time and again stated President Obama is a natural born citizen. Based on what proof? A short-form birth certificate that even a foreign-born person can obtain? Or what about a birth record in a Hawaiian newspaper? Again the media overlooks the fact that newspapers rely on the same short-form birth certificate that can be a fake, which proves nothing. Only a long-form birth certificate with a signature of the attending physician and the name of the hospital is irrefutable proof. Proof which has yet to be provided, yet Obama has spent millions preventing others From obtaining it and many other vital records.

What counter-arguments does the mainstream media offer? The same baloney already mentioned and using ad hominem arguments calling people who have doubts "birthers". They further state anyone with doubts about Obama's birth records are nuts using the usual pitiful tactic of discrediting them ad nauseum.

All this because concerned American citizens want to see those in government obey the law. No one ever stated Obama is not a U.S. citizen, but he should respect the law and the U.S Constitution and provide the said documents as the law requires.

Of course the military has an obligation to obey orders and not get involved in politics which makes the United States unique in that it is not a dictatorship ruled by the military. However, I believe the American citizens have not been properly informed in their busy lives and have instead relied upon the mainstream media to do their thinking for them. However, Sir you are correct in questioning whether our Commander in Chief is legally eligible to give orders to the military. With this being said Sir, I and many others in the military and American citizens salute you and hold you in the highest respect for obeying your oath and having the intestinal fortitude to stand up for the truth. I and those who are informed will stand with you 100 percent. Good luck Sir. Hooah!

4/14 Subject: Defense fund?

Sir, I understand the point that following an illegal order is in itself a crime. Do you have a defense fund set up for donations to help your legal representation? I was trained that it is proper to refuse an order that you believe to be illegal. If in fact President Obama is not constitutionally eligible for the office then you sir, in my opinion, are correct in doing the hard right over the easy wrong.

Recently there was a court martial of a Colonel in the Marines over an incident in Iraq. He was represented by a law firm called the Thomas More Society. I contributed to his defense and will help you as much as I can. Please let me know how I can help.

4/14 Sir, We are With You

A great many fellow officers are with you and praying for you in this tough time.

Please stay strong and know you will overcome this tough time you find yourself in right now.

Please feel free to call me if your available or would like someone to talk with.

God Bless!

Until the idea of "political correctness" becomes part of the constitution it should be denied and actively resisted not to mention labeled for exactly what it is, "censorship by assent."

4/12 Subject: Good Luck

LTC Lakin,

I admire your courage and wish you good luck on your endeavor.


April 16, 2010

RE: Your article on Lt. Col. Terry Lakin

Having given my Oath of Office nearly 50 years ago, like Lt. Col. Terry Lakin, I too am under a continuing duty to Protect, Defend (against all foreign and domestic enemies) and Obey the United States Constitution. Therefore, it is both my Right under our Constitution and my Duty to God to Demand to see Obama's birth certificate as proof he is indeed a "natural born Citizen" as mandated by our federal constitution.

Considering Obama (how can I call him "president" without the proof?) has spent around one million dollars to hide a ten dollar document from the world (a certification of live birth does not qualify as the required proof) certainly gives credence to the "birther movement."

Alan Wakefield

April 14, 2010: Please know that there are many Americans who are behind you

Please know that there are many Americans who are behind you 100%, supporting you and praying for you and for this nation. Your fortitude is to be commended. I hope that we will all soon know the real truth about our commander in chief. God bless you.


April 13. 2010: I just read your letter to POTUS and I concur

Good Morning LTC Lakin! Sir, I just read your letter to POTUS and I concur. I could've been a civilian Veterinarian but chose to stay a soldier because I love the freedom and opportunity that my country has provided for me. I have 14 years of service as an enlisted man and an officer and am quite concerned about the direction our Country is headed. Our founding fathers risked their lives to stand up for what they believe in and their honor is being trampled on by this administration and this congress. I am honored to share the same uniform with a patriot such as you. If you need an empathetic fellow officer to help attain your goals, please keep me in mind. May God bless you and keep you close to his heart! Thank you for your time.


April 12, 2010: You have done what few have been willing to do

Sir, you have done what few have been willing to do, and are therefore one of the few who are not in dereliction of their duty. Our fellow officers must be reminded that we are not sworn to follow the orders of the President, especially if he is not legally the President, nor do we have a direct allegiance to Obama. Our oath is to the Constitution, to protect it against all enemies foreign, AND domestic. If there is anything I can do to help you, please let me know.


April 11, 2010: I applaud your courage....

I am a retired SSG that spent my last 12 years in a Medevac unit. I applaud your courage in bringing this issue to light and hope you are ready for the White House to bring out the big guns in order to dodge this issue every way they can. A simple solution would be for someone to provide the birth certificates of the babies before and after President Obama's birth along with his birth certificate to see if there are any unusual changes to the certificates. Good luck in your quest and thank you for having the moral courage to take on this fight!


April 10, 2010: Thank you for your courageous position

April 10, 2010

Dear Lt. Colonel Lakin:

I want to thank you for the courageous position you are taking in demanding that Obama prove his Constitutional eligibility to be President. You have sworn an oath to uphold the US Constitution and your brave actions are in accordance with that solemn oath. I continually wonder why the Joint Chiefs of Staff did not what you are doing now on January 20, 2009. Rather than consider putting you on trial, why don't your fellow soldiers join you in your quest for the truth? The commander of "Air Force One" should make Obama bring his B.C. to get on board. Isn't it amazing that Obama will not hesitate a moment to release Top Secret CIA documents that endangers America's national security but a decorated US Army officer like yourself, that asks to his birth certificate, is threatened with court martial? Why doesn't Obama simply bring his long form BC to a press conference and end this bitter controversy and national schism? Why are his college records sealed? Did he apply for foreign aid as a college student? Did not Obama promise us Transparency? All you are doing is asking that Obama keeps his campaign promise. America wants transparency! We want to see Obama's long form birth certificate and his college records made public. Barack Obama needs to know, and he had better be made aware that if you face a court-martial millions of patriotic Americans like me, will descend upon the White House. Obama does not deserve our respect and I NEVER call him "President Obama" because he is not. May God bless you, and protect you….

Yours in Liberty,


April 10, 2010: I support and respect your efforts

April 10, 2010

Dr. Lakin, I support, respect, and commend you for standing for the Constitution as required by your oath, U.S. and international law.

Veteran, U.S. Army 1966-1969, Europe and Vietnam

April 8, 2010: It is a privilege to serve with you

April 8, 2010

LTC Lakin,

It was a privilege to serve with you and you are a great medical provider, military officer and individual.

Never once have I met someone that goes out of their way to help people and serve the men and women of the armed forces as you did. You saw everyone, made time for everyone and wouldn’t even eat just to fit additional people into your already busy schedule.

You were always available to answer questions and concerns; to take needed steps to accommodate everyone. Best of luck with your endeavors and May God bless you and your family. No one will comment openly… but for the most part they all believe you are doing what is right and what all of us think about doing but can never find the courage to do or say.

Stay here and fight the good fight and I will make sure everyone I can comes back alive. I might only save a few but you have the potential to save hundreds if not thousands.

Good luck and may truth finally be unveiled.

A Fellow Soldier

April 8, 2010: I'd Like to Thank LTC Lakin

April 8, 2010


Could you please forward a message to LtCol Lakin if you are able? I am an active-duty US Marine SSgt and would like to thank the LtCol for his service and for standing up for what is right. I salute him.


Aug 8, 2010: Thank you for your service...

Dear LTC Lakin: Thank you for your service to our country! You are in my prayers and I wish you success. The reality is that we th epeople are many and those in power are few in number. We need all Americans to stand up for freedom or expect no better than the Jews in Germany. I am working to bridge the racial divide in some and educate about our freedoms and inalienable rights under the U.S. Constitution. I would rather die than not be free. I refuse to be silent. My best to you and your family.

Monica from VA.

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